Pig Roast 2012

The Chefs

A photo of our team on pig roast day….

(I’m Terri, the office manager, guest blogging. I’m also trying to figure out how to make myself a contributor to the blog – and I thought I had done this successfully – but apparently I messed up something. Ah well, will try again later.)

We’re big believers in having a postmortem following any new event we do. We’ve found it helps us discover our hits and not repeat our misses. We haven’t had the pig roast postmortem yet, but our folks are taking notes. Here are ours…. any from you? We’d love to know if you attended (or didn’t) any thoughts you might have.

(1) When it’s 97 degrees, have the water available. Immediately and continuously. Good heavens, how did this slip by us?
(2) Grill takes about 50 lbs. of charcoal. Pigs take about 6 hours at 30-40 lbs./pig. Both good to remember.
(3) Get grill and rotisserie from here again: http://www.absoluteequip.com/
(4) Doing some pigs inside = good.
(5) “Enter here” signs would have been helpful.
(6) Keg of beer was a good beverage choice.
(7) Polo shirts for staff were good, but t-shirts would be even better.
(8) Consider doing this earlier in June OR later this year, maybe September.
(9) Recipes would have been nice to hand out.
(10) When your aunt and uncle from Boardman come to the pig roast with friends, get them a shaded table. Sorry Aunt Joey and Uncle David. 😦

For more photos, check out our Facebook album: http://tinyurl.com/79ac93c

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