Top 10

Top 10 Reasons We Have a Bistro

10. Cranberry likes casual.
9. All guests not (apparently) turned on by marrow bones.
8. Burgers go better with TV than osso buco does.
7. Hosts can stop fielding calls that begin, “Is it okay if I wear shorts?” (It’s okay.)
6. We love making flatware roll-ups.
5. Great for last-minute planners.
4. TVs can distract your companion when you start checking Twitter on your phone.
3. Happy Hour!
2. Needed appropriate venue for Radiohead.
1. We had to call it what it was: a bistro

5 thoughts on “Top 10

      • They are roasted in the oven, cut lengthwise, served with crusty bread, lemon wedges, parsley and caper salad, and sea salt. You can think of them kind of like meat butter (spread on bread, garnish with acidic items to cut the richness).

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