Burning the early night oil.

Everyone at the Echoplex is working hard.  Restaurant Nephew (and son to Private Events Coordinator Nicole) Aiden Rasmussen having a crack at the books.

Beautiful weather tonight, a change of atmospheric sound in the Brew Room and the bar, and a fantastic new cocktail bringing in a lively crowd on a Friday night. A few folks in the bar tonight that wanted to talk bees, hoping to maybe relocate their hive in our direction.  It’s amazing how one thing can lead to another.  Building a community happens in so many ways when you put yourself out there, and I’m so proud of the team at Echo and the way that they’ve thrown themselves into the work with enthusiasm.  Anyone that walks into the building should get a sense of excitement that we all share.

The bees themselves are pretty chill, as Aiden and I took a trip cross-creek to investigate and found them lackadaisically buzzing on their respective stoops.  Everything is heading to bloom, and we are trying to mitigate the effects of the quasi-winter storm from the other day.


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